Special Needs


to get a complete psycho educational evaluation/test, the homeschooling parent would need to email or mail the special education director in their district requesting a full psycho educational evaluation for suspected disabilities/issues.  The school will call a team together to decide what needs to be done.  If the school does the testing they have 60 days to complete the testing and give results.  Sample letter to customize when requesting an evaluation.

Note that private evaluations are more detailed and accurate. Most testing can be done through other means as medically relevant and covered by insurance.  Search how to defend your child’s necessary evaluation to your insurance carrier.

Here is the Q&A where Dr. Turner from rock Hill, Dr. Holland from Clover, and Dr. Maziarz from Fort Mill answer  specific questionS regarding IEPshttps://www.facebook.com/anna.k.wilson.180/videos/10160872723345720/


Susan Blackwell of Blackwell HomeSchool Testing  (803) 429-3899, offers professional guidance to parents who home school special needs students in order that they make progress each school year.  She will certainly make you breathe easier with her warmth, experience, and professional approach.

  • curricula choices
  • diagnostic testing
  • accommodation
  • plans

Two businesses in the Charlotte area that offer classes for parenting and special needs are Rankin Institute http://www.thefletcherschool.org/m/rankin-institute/ and South East Psych http://www.southeastpsych.com/


Special needs students require the same credits as above but have until age 21 to complete the coursework with a lower level-of-achievement expectation.

  • Set goals for your child based upon the areas they will need to succeed in life,
  • Focus on self organizing, self starting, and self pacing
  • Electives should focus on future life skills needs, character development, and mastery
  • Math will seldom be a high school math, but it is math
  • Other books may or may not be high school level
  • Special needs students often work 365 days and become life learners
  • Transcript options of
    • grading based upon Passing rather than numerical    Sample
    • vocational/occupational     Sample coming
    • applied studies                     Sample coming
  • 4 or 5 years of high school to graduate with a High School Diploma with Exceptions


Special services are still available through the public school system to those needing Speech, OT, PT, etc., and often these are of higher importance, so there is a limit to the above statement.  Again, parents are fully aware of these parameters.