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Co-ops, Programs, Classes, On Line, Coaching, and Resource Centers

  • Co-ops are parent led, the most cost effective, and wonderfully community based
  • Dual Enrollment Classes offer high school students (usually) age 16/grade 10 and up an opportunity to earn college credit that ‘duals’ as high school credit. 
  • Programs offer (from) academics to supplemental classes like art; they are led by qualified instructors specialized in the subject matter which they are presenting
    • Classical Conversations Communities/Programs are large enterprise based programs with a coop feel having specified requirements and methodology.  Search for a CC community in your area here
  • Resource Centers are pay per class, typically more academically challenging, and led by a specialized instructor
  • University Models typically offer full time or part time student status allowing home schooling parents to select a several days a week small private school plan or a supplemental plan

4H  Various locations
4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. The South Carolina 4-H Youth Development Program uses a learn-by-doing approach, the involvement of caring adults, and the knowledge and resources of Clemson University and the land grant university system to empower youth to become healthy, productive, and contributing members of society.

Academic Associates Reading and Learning Center,  Rock Hill and surrounding Areas Contact Carol Moore by phone 803-328-9553    About Academic Associates Programs      Offering students of all ages the ability to build a strong phonetic-based reading foundation (comprehension and spelling)  as well as individual tutoring in higher math and other basic subjects.

Anchor Homeschool Coop,  Loris
Anchor Co-op is a Christian group offering a supportive environment to our area’s home education community.  We offer a variety of classes K-12 including academics, arts, and PE.

Arrows Academy Program,  Columbia, Lexington
Arrows Academy Core program teaches a variety of subjects including core classes.  Students are given assignments to complete at home the rest of the week under parental supervision but with a 3rd party taking the lead role off the parent’s shoulders.

Arrows HomeSchool Alliance of the Carolinas,  Steele Creek/Lake Wylie/S. Charlotte   Classes and support group for conservative Christian families meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays including a drop-off option.  Classes (‘for credit’ for our teens), social activities, and events expand our learning environment into a like minded supportive community of families.

Artios Academy Program,  Greenville & Charlotte, NC
Artios Academy presents the greater story of God through the core classes of history, language arts, and fine arts.  All classes are taught in an integrated and comprehensive format.

Boiling Springs Homeschool Co-op,  Boiling Springs/Spartanburg
An inclusive co-op that provides a safe, fun learning environment through enrichment classes and electives that change semester by semester based on interest and teacher availability.

Brook Ridge Preparatory Homeschool Co Op,  Fort Mill/Tega Cay                                      Founded on the need for fellowship of homeschool families while pursuing academic instruction. We meet once a week to provide academic support along with the development of Christian character.

Calculation Connect,  On Line    Online math courses and personalized instruction for middle school & high school students.  “I want to put your mind at ease. As a certified math teacher with over 20 years experience, I have helped students overcome the challenges of learning math online. I can help your child.”

Catholic Schoolhouse Program,  Fort Mill/Other- begin your own campus
A weekly Catholic based academic program offering a comprehensive core and religious education for grades K – 12.  Find or create a campus near you or simply use their materials!

Chalk Co Op,  Lancaster and Kershaw
Christian, homeschooling parents and children participating in weekly classes for children, field trips, and monthly fellowship for parents.

Chapin Academy,  Columbia/Chapin
We serve K4-8 offering twice weekly classes taught by like minded, qualified, Christian instructors leaving the other three days to be home based work as guided and provided by each class instructor.

Charleston Latin Program  (Online)
Grade 8-12 students learn at their own pace within a “blended learning” classroom  while receiving structured teacher’s help utilizing the Cambridge Latin curriculum.

Christian Home Educators of Easley Co Op,  Easley
Fun, educational K-12 classes and fine arts opportunities.  Come support one another in educating our students in a Godly manner in our “good, old-fashioned co-op.”

Classical Conversations,  various locations across the world
The CC classical model divides the learning process into three stages: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric using specified curriculum taught by trained tutors.  Founded on the Bible as the inherent Word of God. Being part of a like-minded and committed community provides parents and students encouragement, fellowship, and accountability.

Classical Liberal Arts Academy,  Monroe NC/On Line                                                           A rich and rigorous academic studies in the classical liberal arts core as well as a Common School and a Beatitudes Charity School.

Clemson Area Classical Academy,  Clemson
This Christ-centered education program combines the best aspects of home education and traditional education.  Our homeschool-hybrid model partners with parents to provide a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that is both classically and Biblically based.

Compass Prep Resource Center,  Rock Hill
High school classes taught in an engaging and traditional College Prep/Honors model including fellowship activities, leadership/service opportunities, and technological practices one will experience in college.

Computer Class SC Codes, On Line                                                                is a solide organization! The modules they offer in the learning section may be too advanced for a typcial high school students. They are more geared towards college level or job skills rather than the intro concepts for programming.

Computer Class Goodwill,  On Line                                                                               Training courses for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  I actually get the most comments from former students on how grateful they are for the Powerpoint and Excel skills when they get to college. If students haven’t done a thorough job of learning Office in middle school, they definitely need to include it in high school. I wouldn’t consider it a whole year’s worth of credit, though — more like a semester half credit that can join up with the above/below/other.  

Computer Class Programming,   On Line                                                                               All students do need to learn some programming concepts.  Here are a couple of options for intro programming courses on .  

Computer Class Courses,  On Line                                                                                       Khan Academy has good HTML, CSS, and JavaScript courses as well:  This would be something that even parents with no computer skills whatsoever could do with their kids.  

Conway Waldorf Homeschool Co Op,  Conway/Myrtle Beach
Building a positive learning experience for children through explore and discover methods using Waldorf materials and a collective teaching/learning experiences.

Creative Minds Preschool,  Mt. Pleasant/Charleston
An art and nature-infused part-time program for 3-5 year olds.  This play based program incorporates resourceful crafts, science activities, hands on math opportunities, sensory exploration, and language arts readiness.  Our basis wells from our literature-rich environment and blooms forth through your children as they learn and grow.

Dorchester County Homeschool Co-op   Dorchester                                                          An all inclusive and secular group geared toward a child-centered education/well being/up bringing with lots of socialization and fun!

Dutch Fork Resource Center,  Chapin/Columbia
We help “shore up” homeschooling parents in areas in which they may not be comfortable instructing.  Independent instructors unpack/present new material, provide assignments, award appropriate grades, and provide grade reports for your records allowing you, the parent, to guide, encourage, and support.

Easy Peasy All-in-One,  On Line                                                                                               Recommended as supplemental.  Too much ‘still time’ in front of a screen causes a developing brain to delay the usual growth patterns seen among children (brain develops ages 0 to 25) utilizing in hand materials due to the differences in chemicals bathing the brain and differences in activity level (even though they may seem miniscule in difference).  Easy Peasy enables families to homeschool who thought they couldn’t because of a lack of finances, a lack of time, or a lack of know-how.

Endeavor Co Op,  Charleston
We are a secular group whose families join together to “Live, Learn, and Have Fun!” through field trips and other gatherings.

Enrich Co-op,  Anderson/Clemson
A Christian group of like minded families meeting twice a month to partner in activities, the dreaded socialization, community, and enrichment.

Excelsior Academy,  Irmo
Our classes for grades K4-12 effectively develop a Christian worldview through broad study of history, literature, foreign language, art, and optional electives.  In addition, we offer monthly field trips and a service project per semester.  Our high school offerings are college-preparatory with honors options.

Explorers Homeschool Co-op,  Greenville
An enrichment program for students K-12. Classes are created with fun and fellowship in mind and mom-led.  Come join our days of learning, fun, and socializing!

Firm Foundations HomeSchool Co-op,  Camden, Elgin, Lugoff, Northeast Columbia     A ministry of International Praise Church of God where families can gather and friendships flourish.  Class offerings change each season based upon participation.  We offer some ‘for credit’ classes, field trips, and other fun events throughout the year.

FLEET Co-Op,  Columbia
Faith, Learning, Educational, Experience, Together (FLEET) is geared towards grades 8-12.  Teaching quality academic core classes (except math), our instructors offer a third party approach toward teaching our growing young men and ladies.

Foothills Christian Co-opGreer/Greenville/Spartanburg
FCC is a mom-led co op that offers classes for K-12th grade and includes a nursery for pre-schoolers.  Academic and supplemental courses are taught in fun interactive methods with expectations of parental involvement.

For the Social Co-op,  Upstate SC
The experience of a class room without the walls. In this un-co-op co-op, everyone does their own curriculum while we offer social and educational meet-ups including field trips, play dates, park dates, and holiday parties.

Future Ready, On Line (SC based)                                                                                          There are specific educational needs that come with homeschooling your child. Future Ready Education Initiative works with homeschool families to prepare students for whatever their future holds during and after high school from math workshops, SAT/ACT prep, tutoring, and job placement.

Greenville Wordsmiths Classes,  Greenville County
Wordsmiths empowers kids ages 7-14 to discover & share their written ‘voices’ through the craft of writing and aims to make every member a published author before high school.

Grounded Co-op Academy,  Columbia
Serving grades K-9, Riverland Hills Baptist Church offers homeschoolers quality classes as a community ministry.

Hartsville Homes Educator’s Co-op,  PeeDee/Hartsville/Florence
Supplement your home school with academic and enrichment parent-taught classes, special skills, and talents from a Biblical world view.  Each semester offers an eclectic selection of courses from which to choose.

H.E.A.R.T Co-Op,  Conway/Myrtle Beach
Homeschoolers Educating through Art, Recreation, and Technology (HEART).
Christian based, parent-led classes taught within a like minded approach and methodology.

Heritage Homeschool Co-op,  Easley
HHC is a full-service K-12 organization incorporating both co-op and credit courses and social activities.

Highlands Latin Cottage School Program,   Summerville
This classical, Christian, cottage school is a one-day a week tutorial service with a goal of enriching the homeschool experience through a rigorous, traditional academic environment that enlivens the mind and refines the soul.

Holy Queen Homeschool Group Co Op,  Indian Land/Lancaster
Our Catholic families join together for K-12 classes once a week as we strengthen our world view from our rich Catholic heritage.  Deeply academic, deeply Catholic, deeply rooted.

Home Educators Learning Partnership (HELP),  Summerville/Charleston
HELP is a Christian Non-Profit offering resources and opportunities thru tutorial and corporate learning experiences for homeschooling families.

HOPE Homeschool Co-op,  Mauldin/Greenville
A Christian-based, parent-led co-op that offers classes to enhance or supplement what is being studied at home in order that we not replacing the parent as teacher.

Ignite Academy Co-op,  Piedmont/Greenville
Our community of families provide weekly opportunities from core academic education to fine arts to fun within a Christian-oriented environment.

Inspire Christian Co Op,  Waxaw, NC                                                                                     We are a fully mom run enrichment based co-op. We anchor our topics in Science and History and offer electives.

Kahn Academy,  On Line                                                                                            Recommended as supplemental.  Too much ‘still time’ in front of a screen causes a developing brain to delay the usual growth patterns seen among children (brain develops ages 0 to 25) utilizing in hand materials due to the differences in chemicals bathing the brain and differences in activity level (even though they may seem miniscule in difference).   Kahn Academy is a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Lake Pointe Academy,  Lake Wylie                                                                                          More than a school, and not a church, LPA is a discipling and teaching community for families who seek a more traditional approach toward education with flexibility to create a schedule that fits their life.  Parents can choose full time student or home school status.

Learn Bravely Co Op,  Fort Mill/Rock Hill
An all-Inclusive co op focused on child-led project-based learning.  Each term, participating children propose classes and subjects for the following term which are then custom crafted into classes under adult guidance for a custom built schedule.  Classes are adult led with a focus of learning through a flexible plan of 12 weeks of hands on learning and fun.

The Learning Habitat, Indian Trail, NC                                                                               Most of our tutors have experience teaching alternatively, meaning adapting curriculum to meet the needs of students with learning challenges. If you are wondering if The Learning Habitat would be a good fit for your unique learner, please contact us to schedule a consultation! We are happy to discuss your concerns and your child’s needs for accommodations. We have great results with our students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, retention issues as well as gifted learners, anxiety, ADD and ADHD. We are happy to meet with you and your child to see if it will be a successful partnership!

Learn Together Lowcountry Co Op,  Beaufort/Okatie
Our families join together as volunteers to create a hands-on learning environment utilizing options that are group or expertise oriented.  We offer classes, workshops, nursery, playtime opportunities, bible instruction, and events for all ages.

The Learning Train Co Op,  Bluffton/Ridgeland/Rincon
3 locations to work together with like minded parents through academics to raise up our children in the way they should go so they will not turn from it.   Class types and meeting days vary according to location.

Lexington Homeschool Co-opLexington/Columbia
No tuition – Only small class and family fees.  LHC is a Christian organization practicing our faith as an integral part of all areas of life, including education.  All families are required to participate, to assist, and to attend Family Devotion.                                                                                            

L.I.F.E Co Op,  Fort Mill                                                                                                           Learning Inspired Fellowship and Education’s mission is to support and educate parents in the Charlotte Mason method in a Christ-like, communal atmospher that nurtures the whole child and their academic journeys.  Serving pre school- 12.

Living Oaks Academy,  Moncks Corner                                                                                    We are a small private Christian school that welcomes homeschool students to participate on a part time basis.  Come expecting.

Lowcountry Christian Co-op LC3,  North Charleston
We are a private school that offers once a week classes for homeschoolers and charter/virtual school students to participate.

Low Country Gifted Minds Program,  Mt. Pleasant/Charleston
Our drop off program focuses on STEM classes and test prep with participating families enjoying the option of scheduling/teaching/earning from your own class.  Minimum of 4 participants.

Low Country Homeschool Coop,  Moncks Corner
Currently looking for interested participants and those who may want to teach.

Low Country Language Academy,  Charleston
A Spanish immersion program serving home-school and private preschoolers.  Our goal is to develop students’ bilingual skills to successfully compete in the global market place. The staff of native speakers immerse students into meaningful and real-world activities that promote language fluency and conversational skills according to individual learning styles.

Math and Science Courses and Tutoring by (Professor) Wendy Parker  On Line, Hybrid, & In Person (York)                                                                                                 Regularly scheduled math and science classes taught by a passionate professional homeschool mom with a masters in science/biology and a drive to teach our children how to formulate questions, be willing to seek possible answers, and formulate a method of solutions.

Mary J Andrews Fine Art,  Rock Hill                                                                                           The arts enrich our lives in many ways. They can help us understand history and culture, calm and excite us, they can even enhance our cognitive and perceptual skills, helping us solve problems in other areas of our life. And what better time to start experiencing art than when you’re young!

Midlands Homeschool Resource Center,  Lexington/Columbia
Our goal is to aid parents who need assistance in teaching their child upper level maths, science, foreign language, and/or English courses required to prepare for college.  Our qualified teachers weave key elements of Christianity through their courses.

Milton Academy (previously The Home School Resource Center) ,  Greenville
Check out our exciting and challenging courses for middle and high school students!  Our goal is to help you, the parent, with college prep classes which you may find daunting.

Mother of Divine Grace On Line and Downloadable/Printable Lesson Plans                    A rich Catholic Long Distance K-12 School. Mother of Divine Grace is a classical approach to education created to follow the developmental and learning stages of each child while allowing flexibility in using a method rather than a particular book or set of books. Each family can pay for a consultant for help in planning and accountability.

Mr. D Math  On Line                                                                                                                Math, test prep, life skills, and more! Anyone who has struggled with the hard concepts will finally “GET IT” with Mr. D Live! 

National Honor Society of SC,  Statewide                                                                                 Membership in Rho Gamma is open to all SC students, grades 10~12 who are being educated under options 1, 2, or 3 of the state home school law.  “The purpose of Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among home school students…[and] provide opportunities for the development of leadership and service.” — from the mission statement of Eta Sigma Alpha.

The Nearly Free HomeSchool Coaching,  On Line & Charlotte area                       Walking with you through every decision in the homeschool planning process, and matching you with curriculums and schedules that meet your unique family needs and desires.

Pathways Homeschool Co-op,  Fort Mill
A Christ-centered community providing a variety of classes to meet the needs of home-schooling families in a safe and loving environment as we strengthen our families by providing Christ-like support and encouragement.

Pathways for Scholars Co Op,  Myrtle Beach
A Christ-centered co op of Vine and Branches Home Educators.  In partnering with like minded families in a traditional classroom setting, we provide a challenging curriculum that enables our students to maximize their God-given potential and talents.  Pathways approach is well-suited to working in/as a group while also learning independent study skills and developing a social peer group of friends.

Piedmont Music Academy,  Rock Hill                                                                                     PMA includes strings, symphonic and jazz band, and music theory for beginner, intermediate, and concert level musicians including an instrument ‘petting zoo’ to hear and see different instruments, meet instructors, and recieve guidance in choosing the right instrument for you.

Petra Classical Christian Community,  S Rock Hill and surrounding areas                    An affordable classical academic coop for all ages where we believe that education is about more than memorizing facts.  At Petra Classical we cultivate virtue through the ordering of our affectsions utilizing methods that have withstood the tests of time in order to glorify God.             

Potters School,  On Line                                                                                                               Integrating academic scholarship and biblical worldview to prepare students for college, career,and life. One of the reasons we list them is that they offer College Board certified AP (Advanced Placement) courses.

Principia,  Columbia
Our resource center exists to impart knowledge to students in a manner that equips them to live confidently as Christians, able to articulate their own world view and to understand the views of the world around them.  We serve homeschool families through weekly instruction for grades 7-12.

REACH Co-Op,  Newberry, NorthEast Columbia/Blythewood, West Columbia
REACH Co-op provides a venue for parent-led classes, discussion groups, and clubs. Kids (and parents!) get a chance to socialize and share the fun of learning. Older kids can especially benefit as committing to a class teaches them time management and personal responsibility. Whatever you’re doing, let’s do it together!
*Must join REACH support group

School of the Minds Co Op,  Irmo/Columbia
Geared toward high-quality high-level secular education to develop a dedicated inclusive homeschool community. We are STEM oriented and, as such, more ‘passion’ based and less ‘instructional’ based.  Our students join in planning, discussing, and promoting what they are learning within their imidiate community, into their extended community and worldwide!

Seaside Cottage School Program,  Mt. Pleasant/Charleston
Our tutor-style program utilizes the Charlotte Mason Method.  One, two, or three-day-a-week elementary and middle school tutorial ministry where students read from primary source books and compose answers longhand.  An old-fashioned education meeting the needs of the 21st Century.

S.H.E.E.P. Co Op,  Summerville/Charleston
Summerville Home Educators Enriching Partners facilitates the art of home education through parents just like you sharing their knowledge and expertise. The mission of SHEEP is to glorify God by assisting Christian home educators.

South Carolina Virtual School Program,  On Line                                                                    Free on line learning program for students in grades 7-12 who attend public, private or home school in South Carolina for no more than a total of 12 units of credit toward a high school diploma.

Spelling Made Simple- the Maloney Method, On Line                                                 Here’s a different way to accomplish the same objective using the same list of words that will also allow the student to decide how to spell other words correctly that were not even included on this list.

Stars Co-op,  Moore/Spartanburg
We believe that all children are to be treated special and receive a Christ-centered, academic education in a safe and friendly environment.  Our parents work diligently to maintain an elevated standard of excellence.  At STARS, we are one team with a vision to motivate and empower homeschooling families in the Upstate region.

Thrive HomeSchool Co-op,  Mount Gallant                                                                                 A Christ-centered community that strives to encourage, support, and educate our children and families with Christian values and beliefs.  Both core and elective classes will be offered K-12 with a value placed on relationships and fellowship within our group so as to support one another in our homeschool journey.

Trinity Homeschool Academy Co Op and Resource Center,  Kershaw/Elgin                    Trinity is a place for fellowship and support for homeschool families, experienced and inexperienced.  The co-op is a school for parent-led instruction and community for students of all grade levels and parent/teachers alike.  Serving K-12.

UCHU- STEAM Co-op of the UpstateLandrum
Our cooperative provides opportunities for the normal learners as well as the special needs learners.  By approaching each child as a unique being with unique educational needs, we offer varied learning opportunities that are not already readily available in our Upstate area.

University School of the Lowcountry,  Mt. Pleasant/Charleston                                       We are an independent, co-educational, non-sectarian school that offers a challenging and individualized curriculum while fostering high academic achievement and emphasizing balanced growth – intellectually, physically, emotionally, ethically, and socially – for every student.

Upstate Homeschool Co-op/Program,  Taylors/Greenville
Our mission is to glorify God by providing spiritual, social, emotional, and academic enrichment to the homeschool families in our community.  We are organized and administered by a volunteer committee of home schooling parents while our classes are taught by paid professionals.

Vanguard Homeschool Academy,  Greer/Greenville
Weekly opportunities to extend your home schooled children’s learning experiences by engaging students in classes in a wide variety of subjects.  Our goal is to come alongside families in their homeschooling journey; to encourage and support families as they seek to develop Godly character in their children.

Veritas Preparatory School,  Greenville
As an education ministry to families, our goal is to graduate students whose affections and actions are rightly ordered by faithfully cultivating a love of God, self, and neighbor at home, school, and in the community. We believe when we are saved by grace through faith, the Holy Spirit empowers us to this end.

Veritas SC: A Homeschool Resource CenterW Ashley/Mt Pleasant                                   We recognize that God has ordained parents as the agents responsible for the academic and spiritual nurturing of their children.  At Veritas, we endeavor to assist parents by presenting a Christian world-view which teaches children to love God with all their hearts, minds, souls, and strength.  Our intent is to communicate the truth, train the mind and cultivate the heart in a Christ-honoring atmosphere.

Voices of the Carolinas,  Rock Hill                                                                                            Three levels of choir teaching proper vocal techniquest, sight-reading skills, theory, and team work as well as a handbell choir.  Music selections include historically sacred music, traditional folk, modern Broadway, jazz, and pop numbers. 

WolframAlpha,  On Line                                                                                                             The expert-curated data in Wolfram|Alpha provides homeschool families with a trustworthy tutor for all academic subjects, wherever your classroom may be. 

Writing Classes by Kyra, Rock Hill/Steele Creek/Charlotte/Matthews/Surrounding area     Writing classes at various locations for middle and high schoolers.