Leaning into a gentle rhythm for ‘playing school’ with our Littles


Kindergarten is the perfect time to homeschool year ’round.  You will discover the natural ebb and flow of learning within our days.  3.5 days per week allows for naps, nursing, healthy meal prep/enjoyment, babies, pregnancy, trips, interruptions, ….basically living life large, lovely, and messy!

You might be a homeschooler if you love controlling your universe…. BUT learn to realize that it is not always good for marriage, children, family, personal stress, rest, joy, etc. and definitely is not good for learning.  A year ’round schedule allow you to relax daily control knowing that you have time to spare.

Here are some of the beauties of year ’round schooling:

  • Be open to adventure and opportunity as they knock.  Your children will learn so much about being flexible, laying down anxiety, embracing life in all it’s seasons, shapes, and sizes.
  • Be open to not knowing and not planning all of your moments and days.  Begin talking about possible adventures with your spouse, children, friends and see what comes forth. Go with it.
  • Know that what needs to get done will get done.  You will no more allow your child’s education to fall by the wayside than you would allow them to swim in the deep end of a pool without knowing how to swim.  It is simply not the homeschool way- it would be that far side of the curve–bedlam.  Nobody signs on for bedlam and mayhem.
  • Be open to change from within.  End each day with praise and start each day with the possibility of (probability of) releasing your day into His hands for His glory.
  • Rest and know that you are enough with no need to move mountains Every . Single . Day.  They will move one shovel-full at a time as you take pleasure in your days with focus on embracing fully that One Thing as it is presented.
  • Plan your days lightly.
  • Live your days lovely.
  • Play school with your Littles always!
  • Fun Fact: Until ages 7 (ish), our children are playing school. Be a great playmate!